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Fundy Designer 1.10

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The Fastest And Easiest Album Designs Create your album design first draft in one click. They use professional tools to customize and make it your own.
Triple Your Studio Sales The easiest in-person sales software. Triple your studio sales with built in slideshows, client selects, wall art design and client orders.
Everything In One Suite Design, sell, proof and print all in one application. From album design to wall art design and client orders. Everything is stored one project.
Image Browser Lightroom, Photo Mechanic and Bridge ratings and keywords automatically show up in the Fundy Image Browser for better stories and better sales.
No More Templates No one likes being stuck in a box. Our patented Drop ZoneВ® technology gives you the creative freedom to design just what you want.
Quick Design Picker One one click choose from over 100 different designs. Need more? Just click shuffle and get over 100 more.
Ready For Social Media Easily create the looks you want and use them again and again. Use for Instagram, Facebook and more.
100S Of Professional Features The Fundy Designer Suite was built for professionals. It is the most feature-rich program in the industry.

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