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Geomagic Wrap 2015

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Geomagic Wrap delivers the industry’s most powerful toolbox to transform 3D scan data and imported files into 3D models for immediate use downstream. From engineering to entertainment, art to archeology and manufacturing to museums, people from every walk of life are effortlessly reverse engineering perfect 3D models from scan data and 3D files using Geomagic Wrap.

Revolutionize Your 3D Workflows
Geomagic Wrap delivers the most easy-to-use, affordable, fast, accurate path from point clouds to 3D polygonal and surface models that can be used instantly in downstream engineering, manufacturing, engineering, art, industrial design and more. As part of your 3D digital thread, Geomagic Wrap provides the digital bridge to allow you to create perfect data to use directly in 3D printing, milling, archiving and multiple other 3D uses.

With Geomagic’s advanced Exact Surfacing tools included Geomagic Wrap delivers power yet ease-of-use in cutting-edge modeling functions for that flawless 3D model. Scripting and macros available also automate functions for repetitive tasks during the reverse engineering process.

Geomagic Wrap enables users to transform point cloud data, probe data and imported 3D formats (STL, OBJ, etc.) into 3D polygon meshes for use in manufacturing, analysis, design, entertainment, archeology and analysis.


Support for the industry’s widest range of non-contact 3D scanning and probe devices
Point cloud editing and fast creation of accurate polygonal models based on the 3D scan data
Powerful Remesh tool for fast, accurate create clean polygon models from dirty scan data
Polygon editing tools for hole filling, smoothing, patching and water tight model creation
Immediately use the data from Geomagic Wrap for 3D printing, rapid prototyping, and manufacturing.
Extensive Exact Surfacing tools give more control over your surface quality and layout, and allows for total control over NURBS patch layout, surface quality, and continuity.
Render your data immediately in KeyShot to make stunning, photorealistic visualizations of your designs
Curve and hard feature extraction from polygon bodies for Design from Scan data applications
Powerful scripting tools enable the extension of Wrap far beyond its off-the-shelf capabilities and the full automation of the routine
Precise surfacing of the model into NURBS using the easy and comprehensive Exact Surfacing interface
File export formats include: WRP, IGES, X_T, SAT, PRC, Step, VDA, NEU, 3ds, dxf, oogl, iv, ply, stl, wrl, obj
Extensive Exact Surfacing tools give more control over your surface quality and layout, and allows for total control over NURBS patch layout, surface quality, and continuity.
Comprehensive support, technical help, training and free trials of the GeomagicВ® products

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