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GibbsCAM 2016 continues to build on the power of the revolutionary UKM technology introduced in GibbsCAM 2015. Its powerful suite of enhancements gives users the flexibility they want along with the control they need. Improvements, which range from milling and turning functionality, to 5-axis milling and multi-axis turning deliver increased efficiency, programming speed, visualization and accuracy.


THREAD MILLING Full Profile Threadmill is a new tool type that allows for multiple teeth and provides support for threadforms and tapered-angle toolsSupport for tapered threads using single and multi-point thread tools (including NPT and BSPT types)Allows for multiple passes and spring passes providing optimal thread finishDepth of thread-milled holes is associated with hole geometry definitionHole processes now include drilling and threading routines that can be combined into a single process listImproved visualization when creating both custom and standard thread cutting tools
MULTIPLE CONTOUR CONTROL Select multiple contours for a single operationDefine cutting side and direction for individual contours in a group
VOLUMILL (WIREFRAME AND SOLIDS) Newly integrated Technology Expert calculates optimal speeds and feeds for VoluMill toolpathsAutomatic calculation of spiral toolpaths in large pocketsOpen face milling calculations reduce cutting time by up to 60%Optimized cutting motion in slots and corners further reduces cutting time and tool wear
5-AXIS MILLING New pattern type, Flowline, creates U or V aligned toolpath on a single surface without selecting additional bounding geometryExtend/Trim now allows Side Extensions in addition to Tangential when extending or trimming surface based toolpathsNew Mirror Toolpath function available for Surface, Triangle Mesh, Swarf Machining and Wireframe strategiesNew function, Follow Surface Topology, available in Swarf Machining when using multiple slices that allows for stripe milling, which follows the actual curvature of the surfaces, improving toolpath for convex shapes such as gear flanks and pressure sides of impeller bladesMulti-axis machining now allows multiple floor faces to be selected as the floor surface definition5-Axis Drilling improvements allow users to specify direct or stepped retract moves between holes when using an incremental clearance areaA new Gouge strategy, Along tool plane, avoids collisions by retracting along a plane normal to the tool axis while retaining tool orientation and heightPorting option includes new Roll over edge function to extend the toolpath starting cuts and new Auto choices for automatic calculation of radius and/or direction of the Connection cylinder
TURNING, MILL-TURN, and MULTI-TASK MACHINING (MTM) Improved process layouts for quicker programmingHorizontal view formatting of MTM Sync Manager for increased visibility and customizationTurning tools are now supported in the Adveon Tooling Library Plug-in
ORIENTED TURNING Ability to use a single tool at multiple B orientationsRe-orient a toolgroup for use on a different spindleTurn at arbitrary orientations on machines with redundant rotary axesRotation setting available for all turning processesFull support for Flash Tooling (multiple orientation turning tools)
DATA EXCHANGE GibbsCAM 2016 ACIS/SAT read/write option is now available free of charge for all licenses that include the 2.5D Solids optionNew option for importing UGS/NX *.prt models using SpatialSpatial options for NX, CATIA, and STEP now import Product Manufacturing Information (PMI) data

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