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Start creating advanced 3D models and animation with 3ds Max 2016. Learn the most suitable techniques for modeling prop, character, and environment objects, from splines and NURBS to polygonal and subdivision surface modeling. Then find out how to construct hierarchies, animate with keyframes, shape function curves, and assign constraints. Author Aaron F. Ross also provides an overview of setting up cameras, lighting scenes within a simple studio setup, and constructing materials with the Slate Material Editor. Finally, learn about your hardware and software rendering options, and make your projects more realistic with motion blur, indirect illumination, and depth of field.

Note: This course updates our 3ds Max 2015 Essential Training to work with the 2016 interface and file formats.

Topics include

Navigating the interface and viewports
Understanding the Modifier Stack
Modeling with polygons and subdivision surfaces
Freeform sculpting
Modeling with splines and NURBS
Linking objects in hierarchies
Modeling for motion graphics
Framing shots with cameras
Creating and editing keyframes
Controlling lights and shadows
Building materials
Texturing with bitmaps and procedurals
Painting objects with Viewport Canvas
Rendering a sequence
Adding special effects with mental ray

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