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After Effects CS6 Essential Training with Ian Robinson

In this course, author Ian Robinson introduces Adobe After Effects CS6 and the world of animation, effects, and compositing. Chapter 1 introduces the six foundations of After Effects, which include concepts like layers, keyframes, rendering, and moving in 3D space. The rest of the course expands on these ideas, and shows how to build compositions with layers, perform rotoscoping, animate your composition with keyframes, add effects and transitions, and render and export the finished piece. Two real-world example projects demonstrate keying green screen footage and creating an advanced 3D composition with the expanded 3D toolset, an important addition to CS6.

Topics include:

  • Setting up the workspace, important preferences, and the cache

  • Importing footage and comps

  • Relinking missing footage

  • Creating type, shape layers, and masks

  • Rotoscoping with the Roto Brush

  • Adjusting keyframes in the Graph Editor

  • Timing animations to audio

  • Building backgrounds with effects

  • Rendering with the Render Queue and Adobe Media Encoder

  • Animating 3D type

  • Smoothing shaky footage and retouching footage

  • Keying green screen footage

  • Working with 3D: extruding shapes, adding ray-traced lighting, and more


Subject: Video
Software: After Effects
Author: Ian Robinson

Is it possible to save and buy - After Effects CS6 Essential Training with discount? Yes, sure! You can pay only 9.95. Here's why. After Effects is really popular these days. It's become the de facto graphics tool for both agencies and startups alike, and thanks to its powerful effects and creative workflow tools, you can build anything from simple mockups and wireframes to novels and business cards in a matter of minutes. Today, we're going to teach you how to build a website with slick After Effects in under an hour. 1. Install After Effects. If you don't have the latest version of the free Adobe software, you can download the latest version of: "Next" (6/13/13) 2. After Effects CS6 or higher. WinXP or higher: MacOSX: Windows: Download and install the latest version of After Effects CS6 or higher. 1. Launch After Effects 5.1 or higher. 2. Open the CD or folder where you want the archive. 3. Unzip the archive. 4. Start the launcher and select "Run as Administrator" to start up the installation. 5. Wait for the program to load. 6. Choose your language as "UK" and "DE". 7. Choose "2GB ram" as your video mode and click "OK". 8. Next, select "Instrument Panel" and select the "Effects you are interestedhips" menu and choose "Intro FX" to start editing the waveform below. 9. Next, select "Channel Mask" to darken the background of the Prelude area below. 10. Finally, adjust the background gradient to make it's way darker. 2. Install the following extras: Adobe Audition: Creative Suite: 3. Launch After Effects CS6 or higher. 4. Launch After Effects CS6 or bigger. 5. Choose "Enhanced Effects" from the Effects section to add additional effects. 6. Select the left panorama pan/tilt filter track from the "Type In to Browse)" dropdown menu as "Subtrack" and "Effects": 7. Next, select the right panorama pan/tilt filter track from the "Type Turn" dropdown menu as "Subfilter": 8. Finally, select the right panorama track from the "Filter" dropdown menu to create a new track with both microphones: 9. Play back the Prelude normally or to get a left-right split: 10. Play the left panorama track normally: 11. Play the left panorama track to split the Prelude normally: 12. Play around with the "Subtrack" and "Effects" combinations to adjust the listener's placement in the audio stream: Just in time for After Effects season 2, the fitness industry is about to kick off. In a big update this week, Adobe's latest suite of tools is not only fit for the athletic but also the back and shoulder. In just a few weeks, we all face an ever-increasing amount of body fat every single month. Luckily for us, the After Effects season 2 will give users more control over how we manage it. In addition to the existing "Split" and "Filter" subcategories, the new feature will allow users to create custom splitters and custom filters within the built-in interface. When used, they will apply to the selected channels but not to the background or decorations. Additionally, users will be able to specify which areas of the body to scan when performing any kind of monitor flip the better choosing bodies such as hips or pectoral muscles for example. Of particular use will be the "as if" body scans, in which we can say, for example, picking out specific hips for hipsets where channel boundaries are impossible, that we have a "jumpy" scan as opposed to a flat chested person who is too unstable to scan normally. The default "Split" body scan is also back and shoulder. Likewise, the "as if" feature "Filter" meanschs will allow us to scan only a portion of the body to the left, whereas the former can only be used with the former option. Of particular use will be the "neck," in which we can scan the back and shoulder where the body tilt excessively, coming to an almost vertical angle to the ground