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After Effects Apprentice 15: Creating a Sports Opening Title with Chris Meyer and Trish Meyer

This course pulls together the skills you've been learning in the previousВ After Effects ApprenticeВ installments to create a real-world video promo. Trish leads you through building the artwork and components used in the final piece, and then Chris shows how to assemble these precompositions into a 3D world, timed to music. Along the way, Trish and Chris also share their thoughts as they design a video project, including unifying the overall look and handling change requests from clients.

The After Effects Apprentice videos on were created by Trish and Chris Meyer and are designed to be used on their own and as a companion to their bookВ After Effects Apprentice. We are honored to host these tutorials in the library.

Topics include:

  • Building a 3D world

  • Working with layered Illustrator files

  • Synchronizing to music

  • Using text animation presets

  • Rendering strategies

  • Working with widescreen video, including 4:3 center cut and safe area considerations


Subjects: Video, Motion Graphics, Visual Effects
Software: After Effects
Authors: Chris Meyer, Trish Meyer

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