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Blender 2.6 Essential Training with George Maestri

This course provides an overview of modeling, animating, and rendering 3D graphics in the open-source software Blender 2.6. Beginning with a tour of the Blender interface, author George Maestri shows how to create and edit basic objects, work with modifiers and subdivision surfaces, and apply materials and textures. The course also demonstrates lighting 3D scenes, setting up and using cameras, animating objects, and assembling basic character rigs.

Topics include:

  • Navigating in 3D space

  • Selecting, rotating, and scaling objects

  • Using Snap to move objects precisely

  • Creating mesh primitives and extrusions

  • Subdividing meshes

  • Creating a simple creature

  • Joining mesh objects and stitching vertices

  • Organizing a scene with layers, groups, and hierarchies

  • Assigning glossy and reflective materials to objects

  • Creating bump maps

  • Creating sky and ambient light

  • Understanding ambient occlusion

  • Adding motion blur and depth of field

  • Editing animation in the Graph Editor

  • Building and animating a simple character


Subject: 3D + Animation
Software: Blender
Author: George Maestri

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