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Dreamweaver CS6 Essential Training with James Williamson

Discover how to build web sites, prototypes, and more in this course on Adobe Dreamweaver CS6. Author James Williamson shows designers how to take control of their site by properly naming and structuring files and folders; how to create new documents and web pages from scratch or with starter pages; and how to add content such as text, images, tables, and links. James also provides a background on the languages that power projects built in Dreamweaver—HTML and CSS—and introduces the programming features in the application, for developers who want to dig right into the code. The last chapter shows how to finesse your project with interactive content such as CSS3 transitions and Spry widgets.

Topics include:

  • Choosing and customizing a workspace

  • Defining a new site

  • Uploading files to your site

  • Creating new documents and web pages

  • Formatting source code

  • Working with CSS

  • Placing images and background graphics

  • Creating links

  • Styling a basic table

  • Creating a web form with buttons, check boxes, and list menus

  • Adding Spry effects


Subject: Web
Software: Dreamweaver
Author: James Williamson

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