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Finale 2012 Essential Training with Rick Schmunk

Finale is the standard application used by musicians of all levels to compose, arrange, play, and print music. In this course, Rick Schmunk shows any aspiring or professional musician, composer, or arranger how to become proficient with Finale 2012. The course shows how to notate musical scores, ranging from simple lead sheets and guitar tablature parts to detailed scores, and bring them to life with instruments and share them with an audience.

Topics include:

  • Setting up the hardware and software

  • Creating a Finale score document

  • Importing files

  • Viewing and navigating documents

  • Entering and editing notes with the mouse, keyboard, and real or virtual instruments

  • Understanding measuring basics and music spacing

  • Adding lyrics

  • Notating music on a grand staff

  • Notating choral music with layers

  • Notating for guitar, including tablature and Smart Shapes

  • Recording in real time

  • Adding expressions and articulations

  • Formatting scores

  • Printing scores

  • Exporting documents


Subjects: Audio, Music Notation, Music Composition
Software: Finale
Author: Rick Schmunk

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