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FrameMaker 10 Essential Training with David Rivers

Build technical documents from the ground up with FrameMaker 10. Author David Rivers covers adding and formatting text; customizing page layout; and incorporating lists, graphics, and tables. The course also introduces document-editing tools and demonstrates working with footnotes and cross-references, generating book files from multiple documents, building indexes, and creating different versions of a document with conditional tags.

Topics include:

  • Working with panels, visual guides, and rulers

  • Using templates to create a new document

  • Adjusting headers, footers, and master pages

  • Creating custom master pages

  • Defining custom colors and tints

  • Using anchored frames

  • Finding and replacing text

  • Checking spelling

  • Customizing table formatting

  • Formatting a table of contents

  • Page numbering in a book file

  • Formatting an index

  • Including hyperlinks in a TOC and an index

  • Saving a book as HTML or PDF files


Subjects: Business, Design, Page Layout
Software: FrameMaker
Author: David Rivers

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