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Illustrator CS6 New Features with Justin Seeley

With the CS6 release, Adobe Illustrator is turning 25 and has a new look and a few new features. In this course, Justin Seeley hosts a tour of the interface changes and the tools introduced in this version. The course covers Pattern Options for creating simple, repeatable patterns for web graphics, advanced tracing options with the Image Tracing tool, and the improved performance and file management features. Justin also discusses the exclusive features you get with the Creative Cloud subscription to Illustrator, like the ability to quickly unembed images and one-click file packaging.

Topics include:

  • Adjusting the interface brightness

  • Understanding updates to panels and preferences

  • Creating a repeatable pattern

  • Performing a basic trace

  • Converting pixels to paths

  • Understanding what 64-bit support means for you

  • Introducing startup profiles

  • Understanding the Save for Web changes

  • Enhancing artwork with gradients on strokes

  • Working with the improved Gaussian Blur


Subject: Design
Software: Illustrator
Author: Justin Seeley

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