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InDesign Tables In Depth with Diane Burns

This course explores the powerful but occasionally mysterious table features in InDesign, illustrating how they can be used efficiently and to their best advantage. Author Diane Burns demonstrates how to set up a table, format it using Table commands, and capture that formatting in table styles as well as how to work with images and update the information in tables without losing formatting. The course also shows how to use tables that don’t look like tables to offer solutions to layout problems, like setting up images and captions or simplifying complex text frames.

Topics include:

  • Navigating and selecting tables

  • Positioning tables

  • Inserting and deleting rows and columns

  • Adding header and footer rows, fills, strokes, and borders

  • Dealing with overset text

  • Applying cell and table styles

  • Using tables to streamline graphic design work

  • Creating infographics with tables

  • Creating pull quotes and design objects using tables

  • Exporting tables to EPUB and HTML


Subject: Design
Software: InDesign
Author: Diane Burns

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