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Photoshop for Designers: Layer Effects with Nigel French

For the first installment ofВ Photoshop for Designers, Nigel French shows how to create editable, non-destructive effects such as shadows, glows, and bevels with layer effects in Photoshop. The course covers the use of layer effects like Drop Shadow, Inner Shadow, Bevel and Emboss, and Gradient Overlay, as well as how to combine effects with blending modes, transparency, and textures. With these techniques, designers can finesse type and graphics, control light, warp text, and extrude shapes, creating drama and adding depth to their compositions.

Topics include:

  • Moving, copying, and removing layer effects

  • Working with gradient, color, and pattern overlays

  • Converting a layer style to image layers

  • Applying layer masks and vector masks

  • Beveling and embossing type

  • Creating depth with Pattern Overlay and Inner Shadow

  • Using Inner Glow to create interior shapes and neon

  • Customizing contours to create multiple outlines


Subjects: Design, Design Techniques
Software: Photoshop
Author: Nigel French

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