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Ruby on Rails 3 Essential Training with Kevin Skoglund

In Ruby on Rails 3 Essential Training, instructor Kevin Skoglund shows how to create full-featured, object-oriented web applications with the popular, open-source Ruby on Rails framework. This course explains the complete process—from the fundamental concepts and best practices behind the Rails framework, to how to build a complete application with dynamic, database-driven content. Using a content management system as an example project, this course explains how to structure databases, build database-driven, object-oriented models, route incoming requests, render pages with dynamic content, and to process and validate form data. Previous experience with Ruby is recommended, but not required. Exercise files accompany the course.

Topics include:

  • Understanding MVC (Model View Controller ) architecture

  • Routing browser requests through the framework

  • Responding to requests with dynamic content

  • Defining associations and database relationships

  • Creating, reading, updating and deleting records

  • Working with forms

  • Validating form data

  • Reviewing built-in security features

  • Authenticating users and managing user access

  • Debugging and error handling


Subjects: Developer, Web, Servers, Programming Languages, Web Development
Software: Ruby on Rails
Author: Kevin Skoglund

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