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Social Media Marketing with Facebook and Twitter with Anne-Marie ConcepciГіn

InВ Social Media Marketing with Facebook and Twitter, Anne-Marie ConcepciГіn shows dozens of ways to promote a company's brand, increase sales, engage customers, and drive site traffic using Facebook and Twitter. The course covers not only the fundamentals of social media marketing, but also the basics of creating a top-level online presence. From building Facebook pages to authoring SEO-friendly Twitter bios, the course dives into the details of both services and discusses how to maximize the impact of social marketing with third-party add-ons.

Topics include:

  • Understanding online marketing

  • Keeping business and personal accounts separate

  • Developing a marketing funnel strategy

  • Creating a branded Twitter page background

  • Optimizing tweets to help them go viral

  • Leveraging the latest Facebook features for pages

  • Managing your Facebook Timeline

  • Creating targeted Facebook social ads

  • Customizing Facebook pages with iFrames

  • Using Twitter and Facebook analytics to measure impact

  • Reducing your workload with social media management programs


Subjects: Business, Online Marketing, Social Media Marketing
Software: Facebook, Twitter
Author: Anne-Marie ConcepciГіn

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