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Macpaw Gemini 2

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The stellar duplicate finder

Locates and removes identical and similar files on your Mac. It’s uber-fast, laser-accurate, and plain excellent.
Duplicates are over for good. Gemini 2 finds all duplicate files in seconds. It has a Smart Selection option which means you can win back your drive space in literally two clicks. It also only takes another click to bring any file back.
Similars, the sneaky lookalikes — are done with. Remember dozens of similar landscapes you took on your road trips? What if somebody could just sort them all and get rid of the ones you don’t need? Wish granted: Gemini 2 will clean them up for you. As well as other pictures, music, and docs.
Gemini 2 is smart, and getting smarter. Gemini 2 learns which duplicates you choose to remove and offers the same for your next selections. After a few cleanings you’ll feel like it reads your mind.

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