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buy Microsoft AutoRoute 2011 Europe

Microsoft AutoRoute 2011 Europe

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AutoRoute is travel planning software that helps you plan your European vacation or business travel. Get driving directions along 5.4 million miles of navigable roads and find points of interest along the way such as ATMs, hotels, landmarks, parks, and fuel stations.

Easily explore new areas and find the services you want and need—no Internet required. Plan the perfect journey, from sightseeing to fuel stops and let AutoRoute provide the maps, directions and inspirations.


Updated maps for 37 countries in Eastern and Western Europe
Easily plan the perfect trip, including multiple stops, points of interest, and start and stop times
View the quickest routes with one-click trip optimization
Optimize your trip by calculating mileage, time, and expenses in advance
Find your way quickly and easily by entering an address, postal code or or place to get maps and step-by-step directions.
Tailor your trips by driving speed or road type to avoid highways, or to choose a more scenic route.
Add pushpins to mark places of interest—especially helpful on longer trips

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