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buy Microsoft Digital Image Suite 2006

Microsoft Digital Image Suite 2006

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Celebrating 10 years of developing digital imaging tools for everyday photographers at every skill level, Microsoft offers Microsoft Digital Image Suite Anniversary Edition, including the powerfully easy software that provides you with everything you need to effortlessly organize, enhance, share, and preserve your family’s memories.


Digital Image Suite Library helps you quickly organize and safekeep your photos.
Protect and preserve your memories using state-of-the-art archival technology in the Digital Image Library to archive photos easily.
The Suite Editor contains fast Auto Fixes and powerful correction tools, so you can easily enhance your images.
All the tools you need to create unique images are here, including special effects, custom projects, and smart erase.
Supports RAW files and includes a state-of-the-art archival technology that allows you to burn your photos and videos to CD, and more.

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