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buy Microsoft Exchange Server 2016 Enterprise

Microsoft Exchange Server 2016 Enterprise

Buy cheap Microsoft Exchange Server 2016 Enterprise license online, buy Microsoft Exchange Server 2016 Enterprise for only $199.95. Download Microsoft Exchange Server 2016 Enterprise after purchase.

USD 199.95
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Work smarter, anywhere

Get enterprise email and increase productivity, while keeping your organization safe.
Enjoy bigger and more reliable mailboxesDo more, on any deviceProtect sensitive data


Smarter inbox Exchange 2016 helps you get more done through faster search and an inbox that is more personalized, more helpful, and more intelligent.
Simplified architecture A simplified architecture, originally forged in the cloud, combines the mailbox and client access roles, so it’s easier to plan and scale your deployments. Streamlined coexistence with Exchange 2013 means easier upgrading.
Security and compliance Data loss prevention (DLP) in Exchange Server 2016 includes more in-the-box sensitive information types. And enhanced auditing enables better reporting and easier integration with third-party tools.
Better collaboration With its new approach to attachments that eliminates versioning headaches, plus other enhancements, Exchange Server 2016 makes working together on documents easier.

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