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Microsoft Expression Web 2

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Reduce complexity and ease data integration by using powerful design tools and task panes to design for ASP.NET, PHP and XML. Seamlessly integrate Web design and development teams with the powerful combination of Expression Web 2 and Visual Studio 2008.

Unleash your creative ideas and bring your Web sites to life with sophisticated CSS design features. Visual designers, specialized task panes, and tool bars give you precise control of page layout and formatting. Import layered artwork from Adobe Photoshop or sliced graphics from Expression Design 2.

Build dynamic, interactive pages that harness the power of the Web to deliver superior quality. Built-in support for today's modern Web standards makes it easy to optimize your sites for accessibility and cross-browser compatibility


Get more done with software that works the way you do. With task panes and menus just where you need them, you're free to concentrate on design. Import Adobe Photoshop files to create your website graphics. Professional Design Environment
Reach for a tool that's been built with today's modern standards in mind, and see results in better browser rendering and more relevant search engine indexing. Expression Web builds sites to XHTML, CSS, XML, and XSLT, making sure your pages are compliant throughout the design process. Standards Based Site Design
Separate design from content with Cascading Style Sheets-the complex technology that's behind today's modern sites. Expression Web's design-focused tools show you a visual hierarchy of styles, give you drag-and-drop control of margins, and offer many other ways to make working with CSS easy. CSS Layout
Jump right in with Expression Web's professionally designed, standards-compliant site templates in a broad range of categories. Or make your own CSS designs from a host of DIV-based layouts. CSS Site Templates
Choose between automatically generated CSS styles or generate them manually for absolute control over the type of rule created and its precise location. The choice is yours. CSS Style Application
Get a visual overview of where CSS rules are created, where they're located, and their application order with Expression Web's industry-leading CSS management tools. It's never been easier to manage complex CSS in a site. CSS Management
See at a glance the full range of CSS and tag attributes available to you from either of the property task panes. You can reorder the list to find just what you need, or get a summary of "in use” CSS properties for fast reference. Property Task Pane
Show that XML data who's master! Simply drag and drop an XML file and it's immediately rendered by an XSL stylesheet that you can reformat to match your site's style. Now you can include, filter and sort and style data from any XML source easily. Rich Data Presentation
Harness the power of ASP.NET with a wide variety of controls, including navigation, calendars, logins and database integration. No coding is needed, as they're all rendered within the design surface. ASP.NET 3.5
Broaden your scope by now editing PHP sites with Expression Web 2. Apply the full set of standards based design tools to a wider range of sites.

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