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buy Microsoft MapPoint 2006 Europe

Microsoft MapPoint 2006 Europe

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The European edition of Microsoft MapPoint 2006 provides detailed street-level maps and address find capability for Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and United Kingdom. MapPoint 2006 Europe versions in additional languages will be available in late August.

Microsoft MapPoint 2006 helps business users to visualize, analyze, and communicate data.
MapPoint 2006 includes updated geographic and demographic data, plus new features including advanced GPS functionality, text and voice-prompted driving guidance for Windows XP users* and more. MapPoint 2006 with GPS Locator combines complete business mapping and analysis software with the latest Global Positioning System (GPS) receiver. You'll always know where you are and where your next turn is in real time. Getting to meetings and customers is easy; just plug it into your laptop and go!


Data Mapping Wizard Create maps with your own data. Step-by-step instructions guide you through applying your sales information and demographic variables to custom map types.
Territories Wizard Group common areas and overlay key information to create customized maps of any region.
Drive-time Zones Turn simple routes into an analysis tool by generating drive-time zones to and from destinations.
Import/Link Data Wizard Step-by-step instructions help you import or link information from Excel, Access, and Outlook to a MapPoint-based map.
Custom & Multisymbol Pushpins Create your own pushpin icons and use them on your data maps. Or, choose multiple symbols that best represent a series of data.
Customized Output Choose from five different map styles for printouts, including strip maps and turn-by-turn directions.
Map Annotations Add custom directions or highlight important areas on your maps by using the familiar tools on the drawing toolbar.
Drawing Tools Create maps that fit your needs. Personalize your map with radius circles, ovals, scribbles, and freeform shapes.
Save as Web Page Make your maps more accessible to co-workers without MapPoint.
Output to Word and PowerPoint Easily copy and paste your maps into presentations and proposals.

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