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Microsoft MapPoint 2009 North America

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MapPointВ® 2009 gives you the power to visualize business data and communicate insights with instant impact. Before you hit the road, plug in your stops and MapPoint plots the most efficient course with turn-by-turn driving directions. MapPoint 2009 with GPS Locator adds routing and directions to easily plan your trips and track your location in real-time.


Create and view sales territories, analyze trends, and evaluate performance by geography.
Combine business data with included demographics to target potential customers and focus decisions.
Detailed directions—voice* and text-prompted—make it easy to follow your route.
Quickly calculate mileage, drive time, and expenses in advance.
Track your route in real-time in Full Screen display. Change to the special Night Map display with a single click.
Insert maps into Word documents and PowerPoint presentations to illustrate everything from sales performance and customer locations to new business opportunities.
Create maps from data stored in current versions of Office ExcelВ®, Office AccessВ®, Office OutlookВ®, Microsoft SQL ServerВ®, or other database sources.
Take advantage of the extensible MapPoint object model to build custom business solutions such as fleet tracking and business intelligence.
Create and view sales territories, analyze trends, and evaluate performance by geography.

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