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buy Microsoft MapPoint 2013 Europe

Microsoft MapPoint 2013 Europe

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Visualise your business in a whole new way. With the easy-to-use data mapping tools of Microsoft MapPoint, you can create information-rich maps to:

Pinpoint data relationshipsIdentify business trendsHighlight opportunities
When you travel, use journey-planning mapping options to create routes and optimise stops, or plan your journey on your PC and then print or share your route to your GPS device.


Updated maps – along with 2013 version software and refreshed geographic data.
Customised map settings – you can mark map features such as cities and boundaries with symbols or labels – or leave them unmarked.
Hundreds of pushpin images – includes those from previous versions of MapPoint.
GPS-ready – share your route to your GPS devices.
Data mapping – easy-to-use tools help you visualise the meaning of your data.
Create territories – define and communicate your own delivery or sales areas.
Maps and directions – easily follow your route with detailed directions (voice1 and text-prompted) to arrive on time.
Programming – build customised applications for fleet tracking and routing that reduce costs and increase service quality.

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