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Microsoft Office 2010 Standard

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With Microsoft Office Standard 2010, your employees are equipped with powerful ways to do their best work from more places — whether they’re using a PC, phone, or Web browser. From insightful updates to Excel, PowerPoint, and Word, to a commanding view of their world via Outlook, Office Standard 2010 keeps your team productive and connected with familiar and intuitive tools.

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Offers the best of all worlds: enhanced features to create professional-quality documents, easier ways to work together with people, and almost-anywhere access to your files.

Makes it possible to analyze, manage and share information in more ways than ever before, helping you make better, smarter decisions. New data analysis and visualization tools help you track and highlight important trends

Gives you more ways to create and share dynamic presentations with your audience than ever before. Exciting new audio and visual capabilities help you tell a crisp, cinematic story that’s as easy to create as it is powerful to watch.

Offers premium business and personal e-mail management tools to more than 500 million Microsoft Office users worldwide. With the release of Outlook 2010, you get a richer set of experiences to meet your communication needs at work, home, and school.

Gives you the ultimate place to store and share your information in a single, easy-to-access location. Capture text, images, video and audio notes with OneNote 2010 to keep your thoughts, ideas and important information readily available.

Helps you create, personalize and share a wide range of professional-quality publications and marketing materials. Easily communicate your message in a variety of publication types, saving you time and money.

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