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Microsoft Office Excel 2010

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Achieve valuable insights with powerful analysis tools

Microsoft Excel 2010 makes it possible to analyze, manage and share information in more ways than ever before, helping you make better, smarter decisions. New data analysis and visualization tools help you track and highlight important trends


Create data charts in a single cell With Sparklines, a new feature in Excel 2010, you can create small charts in a single cell to quickly discover patterns in your data. It’s a quick and easy way to highlight important data trends such as seasonal increases or decreases, saving you time.
Zero in on the right data points quickly Excel 2010 delivers a new and exciting filter enhancement for your PivotTablesВ®. The Slicer feature provides you with a rich visualization of your PivotTable view so you can dynamically segment and filter the data to display precisely what you need. With the new search filter, you can spend less time sifting through large data sets in your tables and PivotTable views, and more time analyzing.
Access your spreadsheets from virtually anywhere Post your spreadsheets online and then access, view and edit wherever from just about any computer or your WindowsВ® phone.
Connect, share and accomplish more when working together Co-authoring through Excel Web App makes it possible for you to edit the same spreadsheet with others simultaneously from different locations.
Add more sophistication to your data presentations Conditional Formatting in Excel 2010 gives you more control over styles and icons, improved data bars, and the ability to highlight specific items in a few clicks. Negative values are more clearly displayed and zero values are suppressed. New gradient fills with borders and solid fills make it easier to add more visibility to your values.
Do things easier and faster Excel 2010 simplifies how you access features. The new Microsoft Office Backstageв„ў view replaces the traditional File menu to let you save, share, print and publish your workbooks with just a few clicks. And, with the improved Ribbon, you can access your favorite commands even more quickly by customizing tabs or creating your own to personalize the experience to your work style.

Searching for Microsoft Office Excel 2010 cheap price? Starting from 39.95. Microsoft Office 2010 is the most important product update since Windows 95. To get the most out of it, you'll need a solid knowledge of Microsoft Office, an advanced networked environment, and a solid understanding of multimedia. As a result, the search for the cheapest way to get Microsoft Office 2010 cheap can be a frustrating slog. However, a reliable resource called the Mac Stash has launched a steady stream of excellent reviews of the free Office apps on the Mac App Store. If you can't live without the apps, at least you can get a taste of what they can do. The idea for the Mac Stash began in 2012, when Ken Parmenter, Microsoft's Corporate Vice President for Office, reached out to Parmenter Retail. Over dinner, he wanted to avoid a re-run of Ken's attempt at a Microsoft Office Stash at Microsoft's annual Ignite conference. So Parmenter decided to try it his own store, with mixed results. Ken Parmenter Office Store developer. Instead of throwing store credit around at his own peril, Ken contacted Microsoft. Parmenter explained that he wanted to bury the old apps in a maze of downloads and forums ensued until "Office 365" became a synonym for "Server" and "Microsoft Office" became a polite term for "Microsoft Windows." Enter the Mac Stash. Parmenter's team of iPad-savvy professionals reviewed, updated, and maintained the Office files on the iPad, ensuring that the fonts and logos were unchanged and the apps complied with Microsoft's terms of service. The store credit didn't change a thing. Everything was fine until Thursday. The first download took forever; the updated apps take ages; and the coolest part, things are flying in the meantime. That's not it. After verifying that the apps are, in fact, free, he/she can configure the stores to pay anytime, visit the apps' websites, and send the apps credit (instead of MBAs piling credit toward completing a task). The stores are very simple: Mac Stash stores have the apps' files in the Mac App Store; Site Stash stores have a website; and Mac Mini Mini Mini Mini Minimized Mini Minimized databases (instead of requiring a minimum of a 512 KB file size) where the apps files were minimized. Parmenter even contains assets that are often easily accessible on any website. As far as usability goes, Parmenter goes a step further by having a Windows-like UI for accessing the apps. The combination of Mac OS and Windows-like efficiency makes the applications easy to use and provides many of the same benefits of Microsoft Office 365: everything is free, everything is real, and everything is accessible by both Mac and Windows users. Ron Amade, a sales associate for Mac Stash, is more confident than ever. He sees the same improvements in his Mac Pro's productivity since the days when the Windows Office suite was strong. Ron Amade, however, does make of-network applications appealing?Yes, said the Scottish-Canadian, who knows this trap when he smelled it. Some-how, the next version of Mac OS will automatically streamline the way these isoadties change systems and Mac Stash makes sure that hoses change. Is that a problem with Q&A software ? no, not at Mac Stash. Ron believes that some kind systemic tool exists to automatically run the myriad office questions and answer (IAL) cards distributed to users. As a result, users won't have to install or use a tool. 'Yes, but I could make my own version' quiced Parmenter, smiling at thoughts similar to those of countless others in the IT industry over the past several years. The question, Ron concedes, is not so much how the applications work, but how the system works. The price of the Mac Stash is that the user doesn't necessarily need to fully understand programming or Mac technology to operate. That part of the system may be familiar to novices, but Mac Stash's startup costs accrue very little in the long run on the average user who already knows how to use Macs?s tools. Furthermore, said lead developer, we require minimal OS integration to make money.' Ron Andreev, a student in the Graduate School of Design said in an official statement that he was excited about the research the latest employees had to have, especially since he was only 18 when his mother first borrowed a PC from age 8 to attend college: Although today's society emphasizes technology use by-products are building and encourage young people ? learn to enjoy technology use? at home with tools they learn to learn and they vernote. The average age at entry into the workforce has gone up from 26 for the mid '90s to 31 for the Mac Stash product. It sounds like you might be having a hard time with that. You could