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buy Microsoft Office Home & Business 2019

Microsoft Office Home & Business 2019

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With the same great features as Office 2019 Home & Student, as well as Outlook, Office 2019 Home & Business gives you everything you need to get more done -- and stay connected with friends, family and colleagues around the globe.

One-time purchase for 1 PC or MacClassic 2019 versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OutlookLicensed for home and commercial use

Included Products

Word Word helps you put your best words forward – anytime, anywhere and with anyone. A new, modern take on the desktop application built for the creation of polished documents.
Excel Excel for insightful spreadsheets – anytime, anywhere and with anyone. A modern take on Excel with new built-in tools help you get more out of your data.
PowerPoint PowerPoint for telling better stories – anytime, anywhere and with anyone. A new, modern take on the familiar PowerPoint application to design and share your most impactful presentations.
OneNote OneNote is your digital notebook for capturing and organizing everything across your devices. Jot down your ideas, keep track of classroom and meeting notes, clip from the web, or make a to-do list, as well as draw and sketch your ideas.
Outlook With Outlook, you can quickly connect and share files with the people and groups that matter most. Simplify your life with tools that help you take control of your email and schedule. Find important information fast so you can make decisions even faster.

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