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Microsoft Office OneNote 2003

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OneNote 2003, the newest member of Microsoft Office System, lets you capture, organize, and use your notes on desktop computers, laptops, and Tablet PCs. You get one place to store all your notes and the freedom to work with them how you want.


Capture notes and information in one place: collect all your information in one place--type notes, record audio, copy graphics from the Web or other programs, or handwrite or draw on a Tablet PC.
Organize notes the way you prefer: Create multiple sections for different projects or classes. Arrange, separate, or combine notes and other content anywhere on the page.
Quickly find the information you need: you can quickly and easily search across all your notes to find key information, whether it's a client's phone number or an important reminder.
Prioritize important items more efficiently: Highlight key ideas, reminders, or follow-up tasks in OneNote with Note Flags. View all of your Note Flags at once, customize them to highlight key categories.
Share and use your notes more easily: Make your notes more legible, organized, and easy to share or use. E-mail notes, publish them as Web pages, copy and paste into Word or PowerPoint.

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