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buy Microsoft Office Visio Professional 2010

Microsoft Office Visio Professional 2010

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Visio Professional 2010 provides advanced diagramming tools to help you simplify complexity with intuitive and professional-looking diagrams, dynamic and data-driven visuals, and new ways to share via a browser in real time.


Easily illustrate complex ideas visually with professional-looking templates and modern, pre-drawn shapes
Create dynamic, data-driven diagrams that are connected to real-time business data and refresh automatically
Share interactive, refreshable, data-linked diagrams with others via their web browsers
Maximize consistency and accuracy across your organization with Diagram Validation that can find common errors or check for business logic
Apply intelligent and advanced diagrams in business-process analysis/BPM, compliance/quality, and rule-based diagrams
Import, save, and work with CAD files
Improve consistency and accuracy across your organization with advanced diagramming and new process-management tools
Drill down with pivot diagrams to provide graphical business intelligence analysis to Microsoft Office Excel, Microsoft Office Access, Microsoft SQL Server, or any OLEDB/ODBC data source
See the entire picture by showing meaningful data and information graphically in a single, up-to-date diagram
Dramatically improved user experience and intelligent drawing tools and templates make every step in creating diagrams easier
Add and align shapes easily and accurately with features such as the Quick Shapes Mini Toolbar, Page Auto Size, and Auto Align & Space
Make your business-process diagrams easy to understand and professional-looking by using Visio 2010 Subprocesses and Containers to organize related shapes visually and logically

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