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Microsoft Project 2010

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What's new

Improved interface Project 2010 introduces several features to dramatically enhance how you see and work with your project.
New viewing options New viewing features have also been added to help you understand with greater clarity how your team is performing and where they are overallocated. Project can also help you and others in your organization see the big picture (and potentially major resource problems) with the Timeline view.
Easier view customization Manipulating views has often been challenging in Project. No longer. Take a look at the new ways you can orchestrate how your project is presented and controlled.
User-controlled scheduling Project 2010 has several scheduling enhancements to improve your control over your schedule. You can also create initial task lists in Microsoft Excel or Word and paste them into Project without having to reformat them.
Easier collaboration Projects don't exist well in isolation from other people in your organization. Project has improved ways in which you can share project information.
Backwards compatibility Project 2010 is compatible with previous versions of Microsoft Project.

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