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What's new

"Resource Requests" and "Requests Engagements"

Project 2016 documents approvals and rejections by line managers for capacity requests submitted by project managers with separate data objects. This seamless documentation of all resource approvals makes agreements between team and project managers much more reliable than is the case now. It creates the basis for truly transparent resource management across all stakeholders - also for line managers.

In doing so, there is no need for additional tools for resource management purposes anymore.

Heat maps

So-called heat maps - a feature that required the involvement of an implementation partner in the past - make it possible to significantly speed up decision-making processes in resource management.

Color graphics provide a quick overview of possible over- or under-allocation at a glance, even with very large data volumes and highly-complex project dependencies. The system uses a traffic light color scheme, for which thresholds can be freely defined.

Now line managers can respond quickly in terms of resource planning, before bottlenecks occur in one of the projects or with one of the employees.

Multiple visual timelines

The ability to visualize the progress of a project along a time axis was already included in Project 2013 in the form of the timeline feature. A new addition for the 2016 version of Project Client is the option of managing multiple time axes for a project and display them as bars that lie on top of each other. For example, the top bar could represent the entire project while a bar below provides additional details for a specific sub-project.

In this way, it is possible to differentiate between the various phases of a project without losing sight of the overall project due to the additional amount of detail.

Tell me what you want to do

A new entry field called "Tell me what you want to do" - integrated into the menu bar - simplifies the search for one of the many commands in Project Client by integrating a new search window directly into the interface.

It reduces the time required to search for rarely used functions.

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