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Microsoft Project Standard 2013

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Keep your projects organized

Keep projects organized and on track with Project Standard 2013. Take advantage of flexible features that help you get started and make you more efficient and productive. Easily create modern reports to measure progress and communicate project details effectively with your team and stakeholders


Rich, out-of-the-box reporting tools within a familiar Office-like experience help you quickly and easily measure progress and resource allocation
Timeline view helps you visualize your project to deliver stellar presentations to your team, executives, and stakeholders
Enhanced tools like Team Planner help you see and amend potential problems before they can affect your schedule
Task Path highlighting in the Gantt Chart lets you know how your tasks come together and helps you identify which tasks are the most critical to your project's success
Set tasks to "Inactive" and quickly analyze "what if" scenarios without recreating your entire project plan
Works well with Office, Office 365, SharePoint, and Lync, to give you a complete collaborative project management system

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