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Microsoft Streets & Trips 2013

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Explore the sights of the United States and Canada with Microsoft Streets & Trips. Plan a fun family vacation, optimize your business travel, or plan a trip around a hobby from amusement parks to historical sites. Tailor your trip to your personal style, such as preferred road types, start and stop times, and more.

Streets & Trips helps turn a trip into an adventure, with more than 2.5 million points of interest to help you find fun places to stop along the way—and you don't even need an Internet connection. Get lost in the adventure, not trying to find it.


Updated maps of the United States and Canada with 150,000 new miles of roads
See customer ratings and reviews when you're online
Customize your trip with preferences such as driving times and speeds, start and stop times, and road preferences
Updated look and more than 2.5 million points of interest including national parks, casinos, hotels, campgrounds, and more
Routes and directions can be changed on the go—no Internet access needed
Easy-to-read night map display for navigating in low light

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