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Microsoft Streets & Trips 2009

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The #1 best-selling travel and map software1 is now even better!

MicrosoftВ® Streets & Trips makes trip planning easy, so you can relax and drive with confidence. Get accurate driving directions to just about anywhere in the United States and Canada. With updated maps and extensive trip planning features, Streets & Trips will help you plan your trip, your way.


Updated street maps for the United States and Canada.
Entertainment® online’s FREE trial subscription. Get special savings at restaurants, hotels, and special events.2
Send location info to your mobile device.3
Use the new perspective map view or try terrain, road, political, or night view.
Personal Driving Profile lets you plot your own route, with flexible trip planning options like personalized start times, driving speeds, rest stops – even preferred types of roads.
Find Nearby Places lets you find more than 1.5 million locations such as parks, ATMs, hotels, landmarks, and more within up to 50 miles of your current position or anywhere on your route - without being connected to the Web.
Live Search lets you add additional business locations to your map when you're online, then take them with you when you go. Use Keyword search to enter “coffee,” “motel,” or “restaurant” and voilá! Easy reverse route option - simply click to find your way back.
Estimated drive time always lets you know how far you are from your destination.
Easy mileage, time, and expense calculation. You'll know what to expect before you go and can adjust your plans accordingly.
Customize your maps. Make your maps and printouts more descriptive by adding notes, addresses and phone numbers for your planned stops.
ReRoute from Here lets you get back on track with just one click. Streets & Trips 2009 quickly recalculates directions to any new location.
Now easier to see and read, even on smaller screens.
Share maps & itineraries with friends and family via email.

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