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Microsoft Visio 2010

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What's new

Office Fluent interface, including the Ribbon Visio 2010 now has the Microsoft Office Fluent interface, including the Ribbon. The Ribbon keeps the most often-used commands visible while you're working instead of hiding them under menus or toolbars. Also, commands that you may not have known about before are now easier to discover.
Starting a new diagram When you start Visio, you are presented with the New window in a new part of the Microsoft Office Fluent UI. The New window contains the templates you use to start a diagram.
Shapes window update, including Quick Shapes The Shapes window shows all the stencils that are currently open in the document. Title bars for all the open stencils are at the top of the window. Click a title bar to see the shapes in that stencil.
Live Preview Live Preview shows how formatting options, such as fonts and themes, will look before you commit to them. The style you point to is applied temporarily so you can quickly try several options.
Auto Size Auto Size replaces the printer-paper-sized visible page in the Visio drawing surface with an expandable page that eases the creation of larger diagrams. When Auto Size is turned on and you drop a shape outside the current page, the page extends to accommodate the larger diagram. Printer-paper divisions are shown by dotted lines.
Insert and delete shapes with automatic adjustment If you have already created a diagram but you need to add or remove shapes, Visio does connecting and repositioning for you. Insert a shape into a diagram by dropping it on a connector.
Auto Align and Space Make alignment and spacing adjustments to shapes by using the Auto Align & Space button. You can adjust all the shapes in a diagram at the same time, or select shapes if you want to specify which ones are adjusted.
AutoConnect enhancements The AutoConnect feature makes it easier to connect shapes
Data graphics legends Legends explain what the icons and colors mean in diagrams that use data graphics, so your diagram is easily understandable even without text labels beside every data graphic.
Enhanced grid, alignment, and snap New guides show when shapes are aligned and spaced evenly, and snapping points based on alignment and spacing help you position them in the right place.
Paste copied shapes with greater control Visio 2010 offers two options to help you paste shapes where you want them
Improved page tab functionality A new Insert Page tab is available that adds a new page with one click.
Change your view by using the status bar navigation tools The status bar contains tools to help you navigate diagrams and documents. The tools include Full Screen, Zoom Level that you can set by percentage, a Zoom slider, a Fit page to current window button, a button to open the Pan & Zoom window, and a button to Switch Windows.
Visio Services Visio Services integrates your diagram with SharePoint Web parts to create a high-fidelity, interactive experience for one person or many people at once, even if they don’t have Visio installed on their computers. Viewers can zoom and pan around the diagram, and follow hyperlinks in shapes.
Process Management In addition to all the diagramming improvements noted above, Visio contains new tools to help you model, validate, and reuse complex process diagrams.
Validate process diagrams You can now analyze process diagrams automatically to make sure they're properly constructed and compliant with business logic that is defined for the document.
Sub-processes Sub-process diagrams help you break up complex processes into manageable pieces. You can select a sequence of shapes
SharePoint workflows Visio includes a template and shapes for designing workflows that can be imported into SharePoint Designer. You can also take workflow files that were created in SharePoint Designer and open them in Visio, which generates a diagram of the workflow that you can view and modify. You can pass a file back and forth between the two with no loss of data or functionality.
SharePoint process repository The process repository is a site template that is included with SharePoint. It provides a place to share and collaborate on process diagrams. The repository has built-in file access control and version control; users can view the process diagram simultaneously and edit the diagram without corrupting the original.

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