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Updated diagram templates

New shapes and content Several diagram templates have been updated and improved, including Timeline, Basic Network, Detailed Network, and Basic Shapes. Many have new shapes and designs, and you’ll find new and updated Containers and Callouts.
Organization chart The organization chart template has new shapes and styles designed specifically for org charts. Plus, it’s much easier to add pictures to all the employee shapes at once.
SharePoint workflow A new SharePoint workflow template now supports stages, steps, loops, and custom actions.
BPMN 2.0 support The Business Process Modeling Notation (BPMN) template supports BPMN version 2.0, following the Analytic conformance class.
UML and Database templates The UML template and the Database template are easier to use and more flexible. They now use the same drag-and-drop functionality as most other templates, and you don’t have to set up solution configurations beforehand.

Styles, themes and tools to cut drawing time

Format shapes with Office Art shape effects Visio now offers many of the formatting options used in other Office applications to your diagrams. Apply gradients, shadows, 3-D effects, rotations and more to your shapes.
Add a Quick Style to a shape Quick Styles gives you control over the way an individual shape looks, so you can make it stand out. Select a shape, and on the Home tab, use the Quick Styles gallery in the Shape Styles group. Each style has a combination of colors, shadows, reflections, and other effects.
Add variations to themes In addition to new themes that add color, fonts, and effects to your diagram, Visio has Variants for each theme. Choose a variant to apply it to the entire page.
Duplicate an entire page It’s now much simpler to make a copy of a page. Right-click the page tab and click Duplicate.
Replace a shape that’s already in the diagram Replacing shapes is also easier, with a new Change Shape gallery on the Home tab. The layout doesn’t change, and all the information the shape contains is still there.

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