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Microsoft Visio Standard 2013

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Microsoft Visio Standard 2013 is designed for individuals who are looking for a powerful diagramming platform with a rich set of built-in stencils. It helps users to simplify complex information through simple, easy-to-understand diagrams. Visio Standard includes stencils for business, basic network diagrams, organization charts, basic flowcharts, and general multi-purpose diagrams.


Create and customize professional-looking diagrams using a rich set of expanded and improved effects and themes that apply a completely different look to your design in just one or two clicks
Easily replace any shape (or combination of shapes) in a diagram while preserving your shape connections, shape metadata, and overall layout
Use a simple wizard to create your org chart and import data from Microsoft Excel, Exchange, or Office 365
Create, review, and edit diagrams on Windows 8 tablets using touch, with improved support for common activities (such as adding and removing shapes) and gestures (such as pinch to zoom)
Easily give your diagrams the look you want with improved alignment, spacing, and sizing guides and new ways to adjust the appearance of your shapes (such as with drag handles)
Fine tune the way your org chart looks with improved layout options and a new ribbon tab that provides access to simple yet powerful controls

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