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Microsoft Works 9

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Works can help you coordinate everything from little tasks to large projects. You can stay on top of your busy schedule, update your contact list, manage a household budget and keep up with your correspondence. Works gives you the basic tools you need to make your tasks easier from start to finish.


Use the Works Word Processor to easily create letters, resumes, greeting cards and more, with customizable templates, improved proofing tools and a built-in dictionary.
Keep to-do’s organized, plan home improvements, or track your personal budget with the Works Spreadsheet.
Combine up to 32 different calendars into one view to keep track of everyone’s plans with the Works Calendar.
Store addresses, lists, or home inventories in the Works Database.
Share & edit Works Word Processor and Spreadsheet files with MicrosoftВ® Office Word and MicrosoftВ® Office Excel and vice versa.*

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