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Addition of Creep, Shrinkage & Elastic Modulus Database as per CEB FIP 2010User Defined RelaxationVolume Surface Ratio for Composite Section for Construction StageImprovement in Load Sequence for Nonlinear analysis functionNonlinear Analysis considering Geometric NonlinearityStar-Battened Section Checking as per EC3Improvement in Steel Code Checking as per EC3 Singapore NASteel Code Checking for Plated I and I-C Combined Shape Section as per IS800:2007RC beam Torsion Design/Checking as per IS456:2000Addition of Static Wind Load, Static Seismic Load and Response Spectrum Function as per NSR-10Story Irregularity Check Table as per NSR-10RC Beam, Column and Wall Design as per NSR-10RC Design as per NSR-10 in Design+Improvement in Link between midas Gen and Design+Improvement in Local Direction force SumRevit 2016 InterfaceImprovement in Pressure Load Input MethodImprovement of Wood-ArmerMoment

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