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Mindjet MindManager 9

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Visual Framework Use a visual framework to capture information, create clarity, ensure participation, and spark innovative thinking. MindManager for Mac allows you to capture stakeholder input and make connections between ideas and information and turn that input into a plan. The map becomes a tool to clearly communicate the goals and objectives of the overall plan.
Content and Context Add hyperlinks, attachments, notes, images, and spreadsheets for content detail. Add context with icons, tags, topic shapes, callouts, boundaries, colors, topic sorting, and numbering.
Planning and Task Management Software Identify priorities, completion status, resources, and timelines to plan your work with the MindManager task management software
Integration and Sharing Import from Apple iWork Pages and Microsoft Word. Export to Apple iWork Pages, Keynote, Microsoft Word and PowerPoint. Integrates with Apple iCal, iChat, IPhoto and Address Book, Microsoft Entourage for synching calendar and contact information.


Information Views
Budgeting and Forecasting
Project Planning and Task Management
Integrations and Sharing
Topic Elements and Organization
Navigation, Viewing and Editing

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