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Nero 11 Platinum

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Best in its class, Nero 11 Platinum bridges the multimedia gaps with Blu-ray playback and mobile device support for syncing iTunes playlists, photos and videos with Android Smartphones and tablets. What you get is a 360В° HD experience, complete with easy-to-advanced video editing workflows, plus innovative video file conversion technology for viewing movies on any device, anytime, anywhere.


Integrated Nero MediaBrowser From any project you can access your library of music, photos and videos with just one click.
Create photo books Create lasting memories with your family pictures in just seconds with personalized photo books, calendars and cards.
Easy and Advanced Video Editing Modes Easily switch from Express Editing to Advanced Editing with just one click.
Nero LIVEBackup 24-7 Peace-of-mind backup with one-click Nero LIVEBackup for all your digital files and even the entire system.
Windows Live Movie Maker Seamlessly import and enhance Windows Live Movie Maker projects directly in Nero 11
One-click wireless sync Imagine your iTunes playlists appearing on your Android device. Or accessing your videos from your PC right on your Android tablet—all without wires. Seamlessly move photos, music and videos from your PC to Android devices with just a click—with Nero Kwik Mobile Sync.
Sync iTunes playlists to Android Get the power to easily sync your favorite music playlists—including iTunes—to your Android Smartphone and tablet, or other mobile devices for the ultimate on-the-go access, anytime. No more formatting issues simply sync and enjoy.
Convert any video for playback From videos on your mobile phone to HD movies on your PC, every file seems to have a different format. Nero 11 provides advanced video conversion technology that formats virtually any video file to any format for playback on any device so you can seamlessly watch your favorite videos anywhere or any place.
Rip your favorite movies Put all your DVD movies into one Media Library by ripping to your PC. Advanced settings let you rip exactly what you want—strip out unwanted sections, foreign languages, extras and more.
Play back photo slideshows, music, and videos Never hassle with formatting your photos, music, or videos before enjoying them. Watch it, view it, play it—no matter what the format—all from one place, including Blu-ray Disc movies with Nero Kwik Media.
Enjoy cinema-quality sound Revamp your notions on home entertainment with true cinema-quality sound. Listen to music and watch movies in stunning DTS and Dolby Digital sound quality that will take viewing on your PC to a whole new level.
Organize and tag Organizing your thousands of photos, music and videos is made easy. Calendar timeline view, tagging, face recognition and more.
Browse and search Make browsing and searching easy with contextual text tagging and face recognition.
Import from Windows Live Movie Maker Import and edit Windows Live Movie Maker projects within Nero Video! Import directly and begin enhancing projects for a seamless editing experience. Use Nero's advanced features to enhance further all your video projects.
Creative movie making Make good movies great by adding your own titles to slideshows and video clips, video effects to scenes, and transition effects for that cinema style touch. Simple video clips can become entire movies with advanced yet easy-to-use editing features.
Amazing express editing Take your creativity to new heights with Express Editing and Storyboarding tools that result in amazing movies and slideshows in minutes. Start your video editing projects in the new easy video editing mode, then transition to advanced multi-track editing mode for even more key frame controls within the same video editing screen. Ramped up to give you the best output, your home video projects will impress your friends and family like never before.
Switch from easy to pro with a click Get amazing creative results no matter what level of video editing you are. Easily switch from express video editing to advanced editing with just one click, and seamless hand over the same project within the same window.
Share to Facebook and More Nero Kwik Media makes it easy to share your photos and videos with the world with easy one-click upload to Facebookв„ў, YouTubeв„ў, Flickr, my Nero and more.
Create unique, custom photo books Create lasting memories with your family pictures in just seconds with photo books, calendars and cards to share with friends and family. No matter what the occasion, you can create the perfect gift for sharing or to keep for yourself. Best of all, you can beautiful, printed pieces and have them delivered right to your door.
Burn to CD, DVD or Blu-ray Disc Create music CDs of your playlists, author your videos to DVD or Blu-ray Disc with easy drag-and-drop burning. All it takes is one click to burn content with amazing quality burning.
SecurDisc Quality Burns Expect nothing less than the best with the experts who started it all. Nero SecurDisc 3.0 burning helps ensure disc readability regardless of scratches, age and deterioration.

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