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Nero 2016 Platinum

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Both innovative and reliable, Nero 2016 Platinum provides you with a proven and comprehensive power package of additional new features for burning, copying, creating, editing, playing, streaming, ripping, and converting your multimedia files – with top-quality results on virtually any device!


BURN & COPY Whether you’re dealing with music CDs, movies from DVDs or Blu-ray Discs™, professional photo sets from family events, or smartphone snaps of your recent night out – with Nero 2016 Platinum, you can burn, copy, and create long-term backups of the media and content you care about. And thanks to the new design and print templates you can give your DVD cases or audio CDs a personal touch!
CREATE & EDIT After importing your videos from your cell phone, tablet, or camera, you can quickly and easily create, cut, and edit them in Nero using professional tools. What’s more, thanks to the Full-HD video edit preview function, now you can also do that using either single or double monitors. And if you really want to wow your audience with your slide show, Blu-ray Disc™, or DVD, the Platinum package offers the full range of effects and templates.
PLAY & STREAM With Nero 2016 Platinum, you can enjoy your media in the ways you choose, so that you can listen to or view your photos, videos, music, and slide shows or reuse them for new projects. And not just on your PC or laptop but also – thanks to streaming – on your mobile devices and other Wi-Fi® players too. Just one advantage of the Nero Streaming Player App that you can download directly from here.
RIP & CONVERT Want to reuse DVDs, AVCHDs, or Blu-ray Discs™ in your project? Then just rip them* – and convert them into the format that you need. Even music videos can be transformed into automatically sound-enhanced audio CDs at lightning-fast speeds.

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