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buy Nuance OmniPage Professional 17

Nuance OmniPage Professional 17

Buy cheap OEM Nuance OmniPage Professional 17 for just 59.95$ online. Instant download after the payment.

USD 59.95
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The most powerful and accurate OCR and document conversion software ever. Guaranteed!

With 99%+ character accuracy, one-click conversion to Microsoft Office and universal compatibility with any scanner, OmniPage 17 is the one tool to do it all — no other OCR software does as much, does it as accurately or does it as easily.

The combination of superior accuracy and functionality means OmniPage 17 saves organizations significant time and money. With this high-performance imaging software, you can radically improve the ways in which paper and digital documents are processed, archived and shared.


The Most Accurate Conversion in 119 Languages
Financial, Legal and Medical Recognition
Breakthrough PDF Conversion
Flowing Page Output
Superior Character Matching
Superior Page Analysis
Superior Speed
Multi-Core Parallel Processing
Overlay Matching
PDF Output
Custom Workflows
Mailbox Watching (Outlook, Lotus Notes) in Batch Manager
Customizable email Notification Text
MS Office SharePoint 2007 Link
Instant Workflow Access
Email Notification
Automatic Redaction
IntelliTrain Proofing System

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