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buy Nuance PaperPort Professional 11.1

Nuance PaperPort Professional 11.1

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PaperPortР’В® Professional 11 provides unmatched Value in Scanning, PDF Document Creation, Document Assembly and File Management for Your Entire Organization!


Faster Access to Important Documents PaperPort Professional is so fast and productive that it makes scanning and managing documents a breeze. PaperPort can organize, view and print PDF files plus over 150 document and photo formats. Information no longer needs to be trapped in paper and application files scattered around your office and PC. PaperPort simplifies things by handling everything that your office handles now, plus stuff that Microsoft Windows doesn’t do well - like scanned paper and PDF documents – in a way that is so fast, unique and efficient that you’ll wonder how you ever worked without it.
Superior Scanning Capabilities PaperPort provides complete scanning automation with Scanner Profiles that allow you to capture your unique scanning requirements for any type of document. Once established your scans are delivered as perfect documents in one simple step. You can automatically straighten a crooked page, rotate, crop and color correct your documents. If you need to manage multiple page documents or batch scan many documents at once the new Capture Assistant provides a powerful preview window to get all your pages and documents organized before they are sent to the PaperPort Desktop.
Easily Create PDF Files from All Your PC Applications PaperPortР’В® Professional includes our award winning ScanSoft PDF Create! 3 that provides industry standard PDF creation right on the PaperPort Desktop. You can also create PDF files from your scanner or PC applications, including MicrosoftР’В® Office and Corel WordPerfect Office. PaperPort produces PDF files that are compatible with, but do not require, AdobeР’В® AcrobatР’В® and support PDF password protection for document security that many businesses require. Simply right click on any document and create a PDF.
File it Right, Find it Fast Once a paper document is scanned and filed in PaperPort it will never be lost under a desk or left at home. Digital documents are always there waiting for you and unlike paper files, can be used by several people at the same time. PaperPort works with your current Microsoft Windows folders and allows you to customize your folder views so they make more sense.
Get More Organized PaperPort goes beyond paper management and helps you get more organized by adding significant value to Microsoft Windows including the upcoming Windows Vista. PaperPort Folder Notes allow you to attach meaningful information to every folder that can be automatically added to every scanned PDF file. Manage, blend and share your scanned paper documents along with your existing PC documents in one powerful filing system.
Communicate Clearly, Quickly Scan and email documents as PDF files to clients, vendors and colleagues. PaperPort has a new scanning interface that is so easy to use that it makes faxing documents seem difficult and inefficient by comparison. It gives you perfectly scanned documents in one step with the push of a single button. Emailed PDF files are more accurate and much easier to manage than a faxed paper copy. Add electronic sticky notes to any PDF to enhance collaboration. Work more efficiently within your own office, with your customers, and all those you communicate with by using PaperPort and its advanced scan-to-PDF features.
Communicate in Color with 8x Smaller PDF Files Typical scanned color documents are just two large to scan and email. A typical 10 page color document when scanned can be 15MB or more. Now with PDF-MRC High Compression technology featured in PaperPort Professional 11 you can create files that average 8 times smaller than regular scanned color PDF documents. That makes that original 15MB color PDF file less than 2MB!
Easily Assemble PDF Documents Create a single, compact and universally readable PDF document from multiple word-processing, spreadsheet or scanned paper documents using simple drag-and-drop on the desktop. It is as easy as stacking or rearranging paper on your real desktop. You can even select multiple files at once and stack them with the click of a button. PaperPort also includes the PDF Create! Assistant for batch conversion of many files into PDF documents at one time. And with the revolutionary Split-Desktop you can easily merge documents across two different folders.
Save Space and Money Reduce expenses involved with filing, copying, finding and storing paper documents. Eliminate the storage of old archived paper documents. Make digital backups of paper you are required to keep on hand. Turn thousands of pages of printed documents into instantly portable documents by reducing them to digital files you can view, share and print on demand.
Convert Paper Documents into Documents You Can Edit PaperPort Professional 11 lets you unlock information stored in paper documents and turn them into text files you can edit. You can copy and paste text into emails or scan directly to new word processing or spreadsheet files. If maintaining the document layout, colors and graphics is important or you need searchable PDF files then we have great news – OmniPage, our award winning document conversion program, integrates seamlessly with PaperPort.
Never Misplace a Document Again With Fast and Reliable Searches All-in-One Search™ is a powerful search engine that enables everyone in your office to find any document instantly – whether it’s local or on a network folder. Search by content, keyword or annotations. PaperPort Professional uses a flexible and robust All-in-One Search Index Manager that allows you to schedule when and how PaperPort will convert all your image files to searchable documents using the built-in OCR document reader. Now you can search more information in one place on your computer.
A Smarter Way to Gather Information What’s the perfect complement to the PaperPort All-in-One Search? That’s elementary - PaperPort Watson our Intelligent Search Agent. What makes PaperPort Watson so special? Three Things – First, it understands the context of what you are doing when viewing a website, finds relevant information and automatically brings it to you in a flexible sidebar. Second - PaperPort Watson takes your search further by searching the Web, email, news sites, blogs, shopping sites. It can use Google, MSN and X1 desktop search utilities along with the PaperPort All-in-One Search. And third – You can drag-and drop documents from your search results right to the PaperPort Desktop. It’s a revolutionary way to intelligently find what you are looking for no matter where or what it is!
Fill Out Forms Quickly, Neatly PaperPort’s FormTyper is a real time-saver. It lets you scan in paper forms, and then automatically identifies the fields on your scanned form — allowing you to fill-in the form on your computer and simply tab from field to field. Once you fill-in all the fields, you can then print a perfect, completed form.
Easily Route Documents Anywhere PaperPort makes distributed document capture easy and affordable with its advanced DesktopDelivery feature. Have documents scanned to any PaperPort Desktop directly from any networked computer, scanner or multi-function copier. PaperPort also links to popular content management systems such as standard FTP, Web Folder, OMDA supporting systems and Microsoft SharepointР’В®.

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