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buy Omni Group OmniGraffle 7 Professional

Omni Group OmniGraffle 7 Professional

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USD 59.95
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OmniGraffle is for creating precise, beautiful graphics: website wireframes, electrical systems, family trees and maps of software classes come to life in OmniGraffle 7. Everyone from professional artists and designers to casual data mappers and beginning diagrammers will find something new in OmniGraffle 7.

You can quickly share tiny elements or mockups in a message to a friend, or export finished assets for the project in the format you need. Start simple, layer on detail, and use it to create darn near anything.

What makes OmniGraffle exceptional? It’s easy to get started, but has plenty of power ready when you need it. It’s friendly and robust, integrates nicely with the Mac, and has an amazing guarantee and a full support team backing it.

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Touch Bar SupportPoint Editor ToolInfinite CanvasArtboards & Artboard Layers PROConvert Text to Shapes PROConvert Line to Shape PROKeyboard Shortcut SetsBasic SVG ImportThe New Export PanelThe Unified Sidebar

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