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OriginLab OriginPro 2016

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Ease of Use Object Manager to easily turn on/off plots and layers in the active graph windowNew, Powerful Color ChooserSelect or hide columns in a worksheet by Column Label
Apps in Origin Apps Gallery for extra tools, such as Maps Online, ODE Solver, etc.Get Apps from the File Exchange
Graphing Smart Plotting with Cloneable Graph TemplatesSkip weekends and holidays in financial plotsEasier to customize Annotation Tool labelsMulti-line spacing for text and legendAuto-naming (Long and Short) of graph window when Batch Plotting and when creating windows from custom templates
Analysis & Batch Processing Easier to customize Report Tables in graphsNew Statistics such as 3-way ANOVA, Partial Correlation, etc.Word Template for Report Creation in Batch ProcessingScript Before each Process in Batch ProcessingBatch Processing with multiple file import to sequential sheets
Import & Export Send Graphs to PowerPoint with a consistent styleMore 3rd party file support and Script After Import for more file types
Programming R Console and support for Rserve to exchange data between Origin and RImprovements to LabTalk Script execution speed

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