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Mesmerizing Time Lapses in 3 Steps

Persecond makes time lapse creation simple. Transform your image set into a cinematic time lapse in just 3 steps.


Be the Director Capture your image set. Think about how each element, from motion to framing will influence your story. When you’re happy with it, import your image set into Persecond.
Shape Your Story Edit your time lapse to tell your story in the best way possible. Select the in and out points of your time lapse, set the movement to forwards or backwards and pick the overall speed so that the motion is just right.
Share It It’s time for the world to see your beautiful time lapse. Export in broadcast quality using ProRes. Share it on social, or use your time lapse in a larger video production. You can even create a cinemagraph out of your time lapse. Show your view of life, perfectly sped up, in no time at all.
Create Time Lapse Cinemagraphs with Persecond and Cinemagraph Pro Transform time lapses created with Persecond into thumb-stopping cinemagraphs using Flixel Cinemagraph Pro for macOS and iOS. Get inspired by time lapse cinemagraphs created by the Flixel Community.

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