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Pinnacle Studio 16 Ultimate

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Create Pro Videos and Multimedia—Fast and Easy

Pinnacle Studio Ultimate is the easy-to-use power tool for creating professional-looking HD and 3D videos and multimedia. You get all the features and trusted technology from Pinnacle Studio Plus and more—advanced stereoscopic 3D, precision editing, enhanced media tagging, Scorefitter soundtracks, and Blu-ray™ authoring. Edit anywhere on an unlimited number of tracks with integral cloud access and Pinnacle Studio for iPad project importing. Easily superimpose people over different backgrounds with the included green screen1. Energize your videos with 2000+ 2D/3D transitions, effects and templates—plus the awesome Red Giant Filmmaker’s Toolkit and Motion Graphics Toolkit.


Edit on unlimited tracks with frame accuracy in HD and/or advanced stereoscopic 3D
Create eye-popping effects with Red Giant Filmmaker’s Toolkit and Motion Graphics Toolkit
Add excitement with over 2000 2D/3D additional effects
Includes green screen for shooting with superimposition in mind
Create DolbyВ® 5.1 surround Blu-rayв„ў/DVD discs and export to your favorite digital devices and formats
Organize, tag, and rate your favorite clips and music with the built-in media library
Enhance and correct movies, photos and audio right inside the media library
Preview timeline and source clips simultaneously
Use the trim editor to set source clip in/out points, then drag trimmed clips to the timeline for perfect cuts—just like the pros
Import clips and movie projects from Pinnacle Studio for iPad2
Quickly learn to make great videos using the included video tutorial DVDs
Storyboard quick first drafts—even create movies automatically
Layer animations and titles easily with included Montage templates
Create custom-fit soundtracks with Scorefitter
Share HD and 3D videos on FacebookВ®, YouTubeВ®, and VimeoВ® with one click
Store projects and clips in the cloud to access anywhere, anytime—includes 50 GB3 of cloud access free from Box
Zip through projects via 64-bit, NVIDIAВ® CUDAв„ў, and IntelВ® Quick Sync Video optimization
Access video and photos from HD camcorders and digital devices—even 3D
Easily archive and restore your work with Project Packages

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