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Pitney Bowes MapInfo Professional 15.2

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Experience new productivity, power and precision

MapInfo ProTM, the world’s premier desktop mapping application, lets you create, analyze and share spatial information like never before. It enables the super-fast processing, visualization and analysis of high resolution grid and image data; providing a step change in performance and usability even when working at a continental or global scale.

Key Features & Benefits

Touch-screen convenience With support for touch-screen tablets and multi-touch gestures (e.g. two-finger panning and pinch-to-zoom), it’s easy to use MapInfo Pro™ for efficient mobile working.
Enhanced productivity Create and improve cartographic output fast, courtesy of an user-friendly layout designer.
Seamless integration Access precise global geocoding services via out of the box integration with the Pitney Bowes Location Intelligence Suite and sharing via map visualization powered by Spectrum Spatial, applications built using MapXtreme or OEM partner technology using the MapInfo Pro SDK.
Multi-Resolution Raster Enjoy super-fast processing, visualization and analysis of high resolution grid data on a global scale including the ability to convert and merge hundreds of grids and files into one without data loss and instantly pan, zoom, highlight color and recolor.

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