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Data Rescue is a Mac Data Recovery Software that can recover your photos, videos and documents if they’ve been deleted, damaged or reformatted.


Supported File Types and File Systems Data Rescue is capable of finding many types of files when performing a Deleted Files Scan or a Deep Scan.
Quick Scan The Quick Scan is the fastest method that detects existing directory structures even if your hard drive does not mount. This scan will detect files with their original folder hierarchies and file names. It is recommended to try this scan method first if your volume is detected on the hard drive.
Deleted Files Scan Deleted Files Scan utilizes the unused free of a volume for any files based on file patterns. By scanning only the free space it allows the Deleted Files Scan to specifically detect any files that were deleted.
Deep Scan The Deep Scan is a comprehensive data recovery scan method that provides the most results possible.
Clone The purpose of the Data Rescue's cloning function is to copy a hard drive or volume to another hard drive or volume, so that the copy may be scanned, reducing the wear-and-tear on the original hard drive. This will free the hard drive from use while preserving the data that was on it for later scanning.
RAID Data Rescue has extensive support for RAID drives. If your RAID appears in the source list, you can scan and clone it as a normal drive. However, if the RAID has become misconfigured, or each individual member appears as its own drive, Data Rescue has the ability to create a virtual RAID to simulate the hardware RAID.
FileIQв„ў FileIQ is a powerful feature which enables Data Rescue to learn new Mac file types. Simply drag sample files to the Data Rescue drop-in bin and Data Rescue will learn these new Mac file types.
BootWellв„ў BootWell allows you to create a special secondary startup drive that can be used to recover files from your main startup hard drive. While being booted into BootWell it allows you to unmount your internal hard drive and get into a booted environment so you can recover files from your main startup hard drive and avoid the added steps of creating your own bootable copy of Data Rescue.

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