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Sage ACT Premium 2012

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Act! helps organize all your prospect and customer details in one place and market your products and services more effectively, driving sales results while creating customers for life. And if you work on a team that needs to stay in sync, consider the additional benefits of Act! Premium, which includes mobile access.


Quickly tap into all relationship details, both in the office and on popular mobile devices.
Efficiently manage your calendar; track calls, meetings, and to-dos; and kick off automated tasks to increase productivity.
Seamlessly interact with the business and social tools you rely on every day, like Office, OutlookВ®, Googleв„ў and LinkedInВ®.
Leverage integrated emarketing services1 to take the guesswork out of when, where, and how to engage with prospects and customers.
Boost productivity with team access to a central database from WindowsВ® and the web.
Benefit from team-based features like group dashboards and reports, team calendar view, and enhanced security settings.

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